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Under the Radar September 2016

[ Edited ]

1.pngWhile major new features for CloudTest, mPulse and TouchTest get plenty of attention in press releases, there are always new capabilities that can enhance your use of our products, but often fly ‘under the radar.’  The goal of this newsletter is to share some of our favorites, along with tips from our Tech Support Team.



CloudTest Health Settings:

Over the last few releases, SOASTA has included various limits and checks in the system to help avoid server-side runtime test issues. The intent of these health checks is to gracefully stop a test and capture the results in cases where server-side issues occur or are eminent. IMPORTANT: These settings are enabled by default in 57, so it is highly recommended to understand how they work and determine if they will have an impact on your test. Click here for more information.


Cloud Update:

New locations have been added in Montreal and Toronto with Azure, and we have also added AWS China and South Korea.


Navigation and Ease of Use Tips:

  • You can double click the widget title bar to open the lower widget properties window for that widget. This does not save any clicks but it does save time.
  • New Search Button. You can do Ctrl+K or Cmd+K also to bring up Search in certain areas of CloudTest.






  • You can import CloudTest assets by drag and drop from your Desktop to your Library View.
  • You can drag and drop seed data in the Seed Data wizard where you see the rows and columns. Just drag and drop a CSV file from your desktop to that area..


Elastic (reserved) IP Addresses:

EIP’s are now available for Results Consolidators.  This has not been an issue for users who simply needed to whitelist the load generators.  But for those users with CloudTest on premise, it is important to be able to whitelist both the load gens and the results consolidators in order to communicate with the main.  While we expect it to be in the UI soon, please contact support to enable this property in the meantime.  In addition, EIPs are also now available for Google Compute Engine.


Connectivity and Performance Troubleshooting:

If you’re having connectivity or performance errors, check Player Status - Servers. This should give you an idea of the issue.



Chrome Extension Recording:

If you are having issues recording HTTP/HTTPS traffic using your Conductor, try out the “Chrome Extension for HTTP Recording”, new in 57. You can record directly in the browser without installing or routing traffic through the Conductor proxy. Click here for more information.


Other Recently Introduced Features (click on each for more info):

  Custom SSL Certificates

  EC2 Spot Instance Support

  Timezone Support

  Dynatrace Integration

  Network Emulation

  Jenkins Plugin for Grid Deployment




Synthetic Beacon Support:

This allows you to compare synthetic beacons to RUM beacons to validate your synthetic results, and quickly eliminate false positives.  You can include synthetic beacons in the filters, and it gives you the ability to block bots that have too many beacons. Click here for more information.


Alternate Contact Info For Alerts:

If you want alerts to go to an email address different from your primary mPulse login email address, or want to add an additional alert to a cell phone, you can enter Alternate Alert Email and/or Mobile Number under My Settings > Alert Delivery.


Default Dashboards Upon Login:

You can define default dashboards under Company Settings for everyone and My Settings for individuals. If you want these loaded upon login, select Open Default Dashboards under My Settings > Dashboards.


PagerDuty and Slack Integrations:

For the organizations that use PagerDuty or Slack, we now have Report and Alert integrations for these… and more. Click here for Alert details or here for Report details.


Waterfall Dashboard Beacons:

It is important to note, in the Waterfall Dashboard, it shows beacons for the first 60 minutes of the selected time filter only.



Other recently introduced features (click on each for more info):

o  JavaScript Error Tracking

o  Google AMP Support

o  React Support

o  Synthetic Monitoring via Rigor Integration

o  Dynatrace Integration

o  Session Tracking Across Multiple Domains




Pause / Resume Recording:

You can now start a recording and then pause, navigate through different pages, and then resume the recording from the desired page.



Interval Clip Wide Delay:

Adding an interval delay clip wide for initial debugging purposes so that the playback will execute slowly. In clip Editor, go to Properties > Clip Properties and enter Interval Delay in milliseconds.



Determine MakeAppTouchTestable (MATT) Utility Version:

To determine the version of MakeAppTouchTestable utility being used, you can navigate to the MakeAppTouchTestable directory in terminal/command prompt and run following command:

java -jar MakeAppTouchTestable.jar -version


MakeAppTouchTestable (MATT) Utility Parameters:

There are several parameters that can be used based on your requirement while MATTing your application (like -overwriteapp, -launchurl, -donotcreateapp etc). To know about these parameters, you can run following command to show help for MATT:

java -jar MakeAppTouchTestable.jar –help


Other recently introduced features (click on each for more info): 

   CocoaPods Support


   iOS 9.3 Support

   iOS 3D Touch Support