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problem while placing a Order with Magento 2


    At the time of checkout and Place order we are facing issues with our script created with Magento 2. Previously we were working with Magento 1 and we have done the Place Order with setting the uenc and form_key as dynamic variabes. Now in Magento 2 we are facing errors and we are not able to directly set the variables as we do with Magento 1.Can you help us for finding a solution for this for setting the uenc and form key and to do the place order.




SOASTA Employee
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Re: problem while placing a Order with Magento 2

Hi Rishad,


Did you re-record? that would be my first advice.


If yes and you did all the needed correlations, then the next step is to check the request headers: Recorded vs playback and see if there is any difference. Then the next thing to check is the cookies in the recorded response and in the playback, is there any cookie missing? If yes, you'll have to manually add it.