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Trainings offered.



   We are currently working with magento 2 projects and we are facing some issues at the time of Load Test mainly for Place Order. We have tried with SOASTA support team to find a solution before and was not able to find a solution for these issues. Now our Solution Architect from US is interested to attend trainings which are provided by SOASTA for solving these issues. Could you please help us to solve the Place Order issue? Is there any trainings offered by SOASTA for the same? As we are having multiple projects in pipeline and were not able to do LOAD test completely we would like to find a solution as early as possible. 

Please consider the priority level is more for this case.




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Re: Trainings offered.

Hello Rishad, we don't have any training that specifically addresses a target like Magento, but we can help.  There is an advanced training class, but that covers far more than what you are looking for.  We may want to set up some time with one of our Senior Performance Engineers to walk you through how to accomplish what you are looking to accomplish, and perhaps to create a sample script for you.  I will introduce you via email to Howard Chorney, who leads our PS team in the east.