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Grid Particular location latency Issue

Hi All,


We are using 5 grids  locations in our performance tests . But  there are some grids which are behaving very bad ...we  have seen lot of netowrk  latency issues on them  and while running the test also lot of spikes  in response time come on these regions which affect the overall response time in transactions .


1. Amazon EC2 US east

2. Amazon EC2 US west ( north california ).

3. Amazon EC2 US west ( oregon )

4. google compute engine us central

5. google compute engine us south carolina


And painful  locations  are  Amazon oregon ( in which we  see inconsistent  spikes in response time  during tests ) 

And second one is 

google compute engine us south carolina region .


Is there any known issue on these regions ? 

Any suggestions on how we can solve this ?

Any suggestions on good grid locations  which we can use in our tests with minimal latency? .




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Re: Grid Particular location latency Issue

Hi Shabda, it would be unusual for us to see issues with those locations as it relates to network latency.  More commonly, you might be overextending the bandwidth of your servers in those locations.  Each location can handle only so much bandwidth.  Have you calibrated?  What company do you work for?  It might help provide more context.